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Proposed Urban Realm

Site Connections & Gateways

The proposals are grounded in good placemaking principles, such as the 20
Minute Neighbourhood and the Scottish Government Guidance on High Street Regeneration. The reduction of vehicle dominance on the quality of space is proposed through re-organising vehicle and pedestrian priorities around the perimeter of the site with a focus on comfortable pedestrian access to Rothesay Street and Cornwall Street. At key locations the proposals focus on reinforcing or creating new gateway points to improve wayfinding, create new routes and improve the experience of arriving in the Town centre.

The adjacent diagram illustrates the importance of connecting all these areas and creating a variety of routes through the site. This is achieved through combining new routes with stretches of retained covered malls and existing town centre routes.


Concept diagram: An Urban Heart

The Urban Heart

The town centre can be transformed from being retail dominant by introducting new ‘attractors’ that bring people into the centre and help balance the uses in the centre to better serve the wider community. The ambition is to rekindle the original spirit of the town and ensure the many green spaces, parks, and recreational areas are connected to encourage outdoor activities and
health. These spaces will also enhance mental well-being by promoting greater social interactions and a greater sense of community. Many of these new uses and quality outside spaces would be concentrated around a new civic ‘heart’, visible and welcoming from the Queensway