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The demolition of the bingo hall and a number of adjacent units gives the opportunity to create a Civic Square and Civic Hub in the heart of the town centre. The focus is to transform this area into a unique and recognisable focal point for the community as the embodiment of a future East Kilbride with an optimistic and successful future. The new square is centrally located where many routes through the centre cross and, being connected to the southern edge, creates a new gateway to the town.

Opening up in this location creates an improved visual and physical connection to the neighbourhoods to the south and a strong public face and identity for the town centre along the main arterial route. A series of new buildings and attractors will activate and define the new Civic Square. These new buildings will collectively form a hub that focuses on civic and community-led services and give the town a new landmark building.


WHAT IF….. we improve existing & create new cultural offers to benefit the local population & encourage visitors to the town?

WHAT IF …. we worked with existing institutions to introduce skills development and learning space into the town centre?

WHAT IF…. we transform how people travel to & move through the town centre by promoting & facilitating sustainable forms of transport?

WHAT IF…. we provide new places to safely gather as a community, capable of hosting a variety of events?

WHAT IF…. we promote the strengthening of the evening economy through the introduction of new restaurants/ bars/leisure/performance uses?

The Civic Hub

The Civic Hub is envisaged as a series of buildings and pavilions that reinforce the new image of a new town centre. While a detailed brief is still to be developed, it will be a place to gather, debate, perform and educate. With a new flagship building, the square will embody the collective pride of the community and be a destination for a wider audience.

Other buildings around the square will provide key complementary activities and services which may include an opportunity to expand nursery provision. The public engagement being carried out with local residents, businesses and other key stakeholders, is an important part of the process to define the range of uses and mixes we can bring to the Civic Hub.